Not quite…

I have a new sock. It’s far from perfect, and it’s a result of trial and error (less trial, much  more error…), but it’s still a sock. I don’t know if it will ever get a partner, but I hope so.DSC02286ok

The back side is a big problem. It wasn´t a very good idea to use the same size needles for both the fair isle front, and the ribbed back, which is also knitted in a completely different yarn. I knew this from the start, while watching the backside grow and grow and get bigger and bigger compared to the front. But knitter’s denial is a powerful thing. “Surely this will fix itself after blocking!” Nope, it didn’t.  DSC02290ok

So a tiny note to self. Next time, frog! Rip it out before too much knitting has been done and it feels like an impossible task. Really!


Making progress

It looks like my little girl will get some socks after all. I blocked the living daylights out of this sock, and it turned out exactly the right size. Now I just need to knit another one before Christmas…


Also on Ravelry.

Christmas knitting

If you didn’t know it, Christmas is fast approaching and there’s not much time left to knit gifts! At least that’s how it feels, with two kids and a job taking up most of my precious knitting time. At the moment, I’m working on this.


Socks for my youngest. Or possibly socks that will be a gift for a newborn. They’re turning out smaaaaaall! I need to see how they stretch after blocking. Red and white, perfect to get that Christmas feeling.

Also on Ravelry.

New start, new blog

It’s been a long time since I wrote anything related to knitting. My old blog Heidi’s Knitbits faded away in 2009, and it feels too old to revive. It’s probably better to make a completely fresh start.

Although the old blog died, my obsession with knitting didn’t. I have a million ideas, some of which will eventually be turned in to patterns. The purpose of this blog will be to share those patterns with other knitters and get some feedback. So welcome! I hope you enjoy!